This is our most popular training program! Why?

Our B&T program is highly successful because we do the training - all you have to do is maintain it!

In this program we build a relationship based on trust and communication with your dog. During their time with us, we teach your dog the commands to be obedient at home and out in public areas around distractions. We strive for a level of obedience that allows you to take your dog anywhere and feel confident. 

Throughout the training process, we keep you posted on your dog's progress with pictures and videos. 

After the program has completed, training does not stop. Your dog has been refined into a happy, structured and obedient canine companion--However, when you come to pick up your dog, we sit down and explain in detail your dog’s training process, learning style, and how to go about reinforcing wanted behavior. We do this by walking you through step-by-step repetitions to ensure a successful transition from Bite Ranch K9, back into your home. 

We don’t stop there! We follow up with you 2 weeks after you take your dog home, as well as 3 months later to continue to monitor progress, and aid in assisting the lifelong happiness of your obedient dog’s behavior in your happy family. 


The Board and Train includes:

  • Private consultation
  • Basic & advanced obedience commands
  • Obedience around distractions
  • A reliable recall (come when called)
  • Socialization and confidence building
  • Behavior generalization training
  • Off leash e-collar training (optional)
  • Multiple daily training sessions around distractions
  • Photo updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube
  • 2-hour go-home lesson
  • 60 minute follow up lesson at 2 weeks and 3 months




This school is 2 weeks long and is available to all puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age. During this school your puppy will be imprinted with all the necessary foundation to be primed for further training.  Your puppy will be acclimated to his or her crate, become familiar with luring techniques, be shaped on base pattern positions (sit, stand, down), and be familiarized with a structured routine conducive to successful potty training. 




This school is 4 weeks long and provides your dog with a gold standard education in obedience and good manners, both in house and on leash. During the school your dog will learn the commands sit, down, come, and place (all with a built-in stay). In addition to these commands, your dog will learn how to wait politely at doors and to walk in a structured manner while on leash (heel). 






This school is 4-6+ weeks long and is specially designed to modify the psychology of dogs that may struggle with anxious and/or fearful behavior as well as aggression issues. In addition to the behavior modification, all the same structure and obedience training provided in the standard package is implemented into your dog's training.


If you live or work in the Huntsville, AL or surrounding area and would like your dog to get some socialization as well as some training throughout the day then this is an ideal option. Our day school dogs are welcome to stay 12 hours out of the day from 7am-7pm and get trained throughout the day customizing the training to fit your needs. Your dog will also get evaluated to see what other dogs it gets along with and will get put into playgroups throughout the day. This option is offered Monday- Friday