Dog Training Services



Our Board & Train service is our flagship training program. We have found it is the easiest and the most successful because we do the work, all you have to do is maintain it. In this program we build a relationship with your dog based on trust and clear communication. During their time with us your dog will learn the commands needed for obedience at home as well as in public. Training will consist of real world exposure to distractions throughout training. Throughout the training process we will keep you updated on your dogs training progress with weekly pictures and videos.

Now here is the best part….Training doesn’t stop when your dog goes home!!! When you pick your dog up we do a two hour session in which we sit down and explain in detail the training process we implemented for your dog, their learning style, the structure they were given, and how to continue reinforcing wanted behaviors. We do this by walking you through step-by-step repetitions to ensure a successful transition from Bite Ranch, back into your home.

Wait we still aren’t done yet!!! We will schedule a follow up two weeks after your dog goes home, then again three months later in order to monitor progress, address any issues and ensure that the both of you receive the opportunity to live your best life….together.

Our Board & Train Service includes the following:

  • Private Consultation

  • Basic & Advanced Obedience (Including Recall)

  • Obedience In & Around Distractions

  • Socialization & Confidence Building

  • Behavior Generalization

  • Crate Training

  • Off Leash E-Collar Training (Optional)

  • Two Hour Go Home Training Session

  • Follow Up Session At Two Weeks (Optional)

  • Follow Up Session At Three Months (Optional)

  • Available to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes

Training Packages:




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Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for pet owners in which we meet in home or offsite. This provides us a chance to troubleshoot any problems you may be having in your home or in public and allows us to help you train your dog so that you both have an opportunity to live your best life together.

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Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is an additional service to our Board & Train Program in which we address specific problems. Some examples would be things like animal aggression, fear aggression, biting, jumping, counter surfing, chewing furniture or other household items.